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I am Patrick E. Barber Sr, born in Gaston County, from a small North Carolina city. I have experienced running multiple Companies, Military, Banking & Finance, Real Estate, Construction, Entertainment, and Record labels during my life. In addition, I participated as a Co-Buyer of an NBA Team and was installed on the Board of multiple Major Corporations as a Director. I have done everything I wanted to do except fulfilling my purpose. My ideology and philosophy are an alternative to the ceremonial structures of the pastoral rule. Amazingly, everyone is searching for the secret to life. There is no secret; there is only understanding and truth. Common sense should rule here. 

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Your Authority and the Lion
God makes the Lion with Adam’s mindset; Adam comes into this world created in the image of God, with no fear, no doubt, no worries, and autonomous authority to rule. The Lion is the first to recognize actual power and lead over time. He uses it very well. All his actions are intentional, direct, and calculated. He knows the order and his directive to survive and provides for his pack. The Lion does not waste time on anything unrelated to the security of the lioness and cubs.

He recognizes his authority in the jungle, even though self-appointed, he is willing to die for the purpose to rule, not as Adam failed in the Garden and was evicted in today’s terms, by God (I AM), not the Sheriff’s office. He’s not interested in anything else except these three things, eats, mate, and rest. When he eats, he eats; when it’s time to rest, the Lion sleeps up to 21 hours; when it’s time to mate, he mates. In his mind, the jungle is his property and his playground. If you enter the jungle, you are in his domain.

The Lion knows that he must always be agile and always ready when the opportunity comes up, so he takes precautions by managing his strength, speed, tactics by improving his skills. The intended purpose is his only interest. He only uses what is necessary to complete each task, and He is an expert in time assignments. Every action taken is measured and controlled by him. He is the master of anticipation. Though he sleeps long hours, nothing gets by his vibrations because he intones with the universe. (Nature)

The Lion knows he is not the biggest, the fastest, the smartest, nor the strongest. But he has two things to his advantage, fearless and purpose. The Lion feels autonomous just as Adam was given this authority at creation. The Lion is a poser, and he can only imitate man’s rule; God only gave that to Adam and his descendants. As mighty as the Lion may be, compared to man, with all his uniqueness, his ambitions are more significant even though his heart is half the size of man’s.

Because of Lion’s philosophy, when he walks into any part of the jungle, the animals stop and notice his presence, and when they see him as a predator, he sees them as prey. Everything creeping, crawling, and all creatures on land, air, and water are all game. To him, it’s his buffet. He can eat anything in the environment he chooses. He feels entitled because of his perceived authority.

He does everything Adam has the authority to do, which is to subdue. But the Lion has given them all the same name, “Food.” The Lion bows down to nothing in the jungle, and he is always willing to put up a good fight, even if it means dying. He does not let Adam’s designation get in the way of his purpose, which is to eat.

But in his spirit and heart, he knows that the man is the true ruler, and he is like a thief, a fox guarding the henhouse without permission. For this reason, is why man can tan this fearless beast of power. Man has absolute authority from God to subdue, and the Lion is not exempt from being ruled. (Gen 1:28)

Because God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power, might, and a sound mind. (2 Tim 1:7)

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